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Welcome to! is all about bargains and many of our lines are at the very best prices on the web!

The best brand names say exactly what they do and is no different. Quite simply we sell anything & everything at the best prices you’ll find them!

Our products can help protect your laptop from viruses, they can count your spare change, straighten your hair, make sure you don’t get caught on Facebook at work, provide a more eco-friendly way to get around town, protect you if you ever get stuck in the wilderness and even turn your dog into Superman!

What makes us different?

We`re different to almost any other online retailer; how? Quite simply our prices & stock turnover. You can pick up unbelievable bargains here at saving you up to 99% off MRP! When adding items to your basket look out for our savings calculator at the top of the screen and price checking links. Because our prices are so low we have a very quick turnover in stock, so
what’s on today may not be tomorrow and by then who knows what amazing deal we’ll have for you!

How can we sell great products at such incredible prices?

We work closely with worldwide brands & distributors to find deals that cannot be beaten. We have a team constantly searching for products that you’ll want, at prices you wouldn’t believe! Our reputation coupled with our philosophy of “stack ‘em high & sell ‘em cheap” means we can sell at significantly below market value and more importantly, you can exploit or buying position. prices are available to anyone who wants them! Whether you`re a trader, dropshipper, reseller, retailer or consumer; anyone can enjoy our massive savings!

The nature of our stock is excess, bankrupt & end-of-line products so we have very high turnover of stock. We’re adding products on a daily basis so what’s on today may not be tomorrow and by then who knows what amazing deal we’ll have for you!

What can you expect when you buy from us?

They don`t say BigOffers - Happy Shoppers for no reason! We`re part of a group of websites that comprise of some of Europe`s most successful online retailers. You can expect the following from us...

1. Choice - we have literally 1000s of lines to save you money, make you money or make people happy
2. Price - always the best prices to save you money, make you money or make your accountant happy
3. Security - always secure shopping - shop with confidence using PayPal or Sagepay
4. Delivery - one flat fee shipping rate - no matter how big your order is!

Best Prices on the Web

A huge number of our lines are the very best prices on the web and where our prices are the lowest we can find, you`ll see our `Best Price on the Web` banner with a direct link to a price check courtesy of Google.  All of our price checks are made using the Google Shopping tool of indexed products.

Get in touch with us!

If you have a question about a specific product or would like to get in touch with the team, simply contact us!

Company information is a trading name of Limited, a company registered in Scotland
under number 992 4155 95 . Our registered office is;
Terston House
1 Hull Hill Road
Edinburgh Interchange
EH28 8PH

Please note that all orders must be placed online through and we cannot accept orders by telephone. By placing your order online through, you will enjoy enhanced security and the ability to set up a registered account to allow for quicker future ordering. 

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